Free The 4 Walk Videos

Please enjoy our videos from the Free the 4 Walk.

Terry begins his journey.

Terry approaches the end point for Day 3.

Terry greeted for the end of day pickup by Allen Brown.

Terry ends Day 3 with with Allen Brown.

Get the roadside experience from day 4.

Terry starts day 5 after drop-off by Allen Brown.

Day 13 – Only 99 more miles to go.

Day 14 – Terry and Alan walking along.

Day 15 – Near Brandy Station, VA.

Day 17 – Rounding the corner from Warrenton Arms.

Day 17 – Walking through Warrenton, VA.

Day 17 – Leaving Warrenton, VA.

Day 18 – Passing stone house in Manassas, VA.

Day 18 – Passing the Winery at Bull Run, VA.

Day 18 – Walking down the road to Centerville, VA.

Day 18 – Hitting Pleasant Valley Rd in Centerville, VA.

Day 18 – Posing for pictures, Centerville, VA.