How Can I Assist

As Terry walks to Washington, DC, there are several ways you can help. Use the contact form on the right to send us a message about how you would like to help and we will get with you as quickly as possible.

1. WALK THE WALK – Terry would love it if you joined him to walk a few miles. For safety reasons, walkers should join in with Terry on the in-town routes only.

2. PROVIDE SAFETY VEHICLE – Terry is walking on his own, but it is great to stop every few miles to get hydrated, towel down, and have someone carry his extra gear. A good example is Fauquier County who has someone that meets Terry in the morning with a vehicle that has cold liquids (water, PowerAid, Gatorade), light snacks (jerky, sweet and salty snack mix, trail mix, crackers), and cool wet towels. The vehicle drives one mile ahead and waits for Terry, provides any support, and then moves to the next point one mile down the road. Terry does not have a dedicated support vehicle so anyone wanting to help for a day or two would certainly be a great thing.

3. ORGANIZE A GROUP – Organize a group to meet Terry during his walk through your town. Make signs, bring flags, bring lots of people. If we want to raise awareness, we need to increase visibility. Check on Terry’s progress and MEET HIM.

4. SPONSOR HIS LODGING AND FOOD – If you are close to Terry’s route, it would be great if you could pick him up at the end of the day and either set him up in a nearby hotel or offer your home. Any help with lodging will be greatly appreciated.   You can volunteer to be a host by visting the Be A Host page.

5. TRANSPORT HIS RUCKSACK – For Terry to carry less weight each day, some counties have volunteers that meet Terry in the morning at his starting point and carry his belongings to the ending point. While this is usually someone who puts Terry up for the evening, it can be another party as well. It’s about 15 miles and it makes a big difference for Terry not to have to “hump” with burden. Bikers often volunteer for this task. But Terry will appreciate anyone’s help.

6. MEET TERRY FOR THE FINAL MILES TO THE CAPITOL IN DC – Terry will walk the final 6 miles on May 26, 2018 and would appreciate you joining him in the final walk. Bring your flags, your signs, and your enthusiasm as Terry arrives at the Capitol building in Washington, DC.

7. MEDIA ATTENTION – If you have contacts with radio, TV, blogs, newspaper, or organizations that may want to cover Terry’s walk, let Terry know through a message on the website. Terry is happy to make himself available for interviews. You can download a copy of the Media Briefing Book here