ribbons22+ represents the number of US Military Veterans who commit suicide each day. This is too many and we need to get attention drawn to this issue. As part of the walk, Terry is carrying with him a fan of ribbons containing the names of 23 Veterans who have committed suicide.

Let us remember the names of the 23 and rededicate ourselves to stop this from happening.

Allen Wilson – Army
Bradley Coy – USMC
Brennan Conklin – Army
Brent Walkup – USAF
Charles Lee Gauldin – Army
Craig Guppy Higginbottom – USMC
Eric Bonema – USMC
Farrell Gilliam – USMC
Farren Cross – Army
James Snyder – Navy
Jeff Wagner – Army
Jeffery Mckinny – Army
Jennifer Schwartz – Army
Jeremy Rauch – Army
Joshua Hockett – Army
Kevin Snyder – Navy
Mato Daniel Donaldson – Army
Micheal Yellowhorse – USMC
Steven Perry – Army
Tony Scott – Air Force
Robert Brooks – Army
Robert Parkhill – USMC
Zachary Warman – Navy

On 6/7/16 Terry was asked to add one more name and he did. A new ribbon was added to his 22+ remembrance ribbons. Let us also remember William Bill Milnor, USAF.